Cozy quilts and bedspreads

August 20, 2007 at 7:41 pm 3 comments

Even when I’ve spent countless hours making something by hand, I still get tired of the finished product eventually.

When I designed and created the red quilt for my bed, I figured I would use it forever. But now that I’m in a different apartment — with different wall colors and different decorations — than when I originally sewed it, it just doesn’t work anymore. Plus, it’s time for a change. Change is good. Especially when it comes to decorating.

The red quilt hasn’t been retired. It’s just been moved to a different part of our home where its bold, bright redness can be seen in moderation instead of spread across a queen-size bed.

To replace the quilt, we found a bedspread on sale at Urban Outfitters. Yes, that’s right. Urban Outfitters.

Typically, I don’t buy anything from Urban Outfitters. If I’m going to buy something that looks homemade, I want it to actually be homemade. And unique. I don’t want to pay $75 for a shirt that looks homemade only to walk out to the sidewalk and see six other girls wearing the same exact shirt.

Instead, I use Urban Outfitters as a source of inspiration. I usually spend a few minutes walking around the store, taking it all in. Then I get incredibly annoyed at how ridiculously expensive yet poor quality everything is and leave feeling very old.

But in this case, I absolutely loved the bedspread, and it was such a great price that I couldn’t pass it up. I couldn’t have purchased enough fabric to make my own queen-size bedspread for that amount of money. And the colors go so well with the Vera tablecloth that we stretched over a canvas frame and hung above the bed. It would have been stupid of me to leave without buying that bedspread.

The Asian-inspired pattern and chocolate brown branches also complement the carved wooden chest that sits at the end of our bed. I’ve had the carved chest since college, and I’ve filled it with all sorts of things over the years. Right now, we store our tools in there.

The new bedspread is subtler than the red quilt, which adds a certain softness to the room.


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  • 1. Alex  |  August 20, 2007 at 10:15 pm

    What I love about the new quilt is that it can stand by itself as a conversation piece. I personally have never cared to own and/or display items that could be conversation starters, however, after living with you for several months now, our apartment is filled now with several of these. It brightens up my day to come home and be emersed, surrounded by art. This is the way everyone should live. I am lucky enough to live with a woman who not only knows art, but who also herself creates art through design. This blog is an extension of that process; whether as a web page, a Vera table cloth given a new life as a stretched canvas print, or a gorgeous bedspread that breathes new life into a bedroom, your ability to share your direction of design only serves to invite people into your little corner of art appreciation. Thanks for the tickets to the art show, I get to use them every time I come home.

  • 2. Natalie  |  August 21, 2007 at 7:45 am

    Love the blog Karyn, and I love the new quilt you have made to replace the red one.

    Hugs Natalie (swapbot)

  • 3. Kandi  |  August 24, 2007 at 3:42 pm

    LOVE it! That’s adorable…and you could think of it this way: You’ll never see another person with it b/c you “shouldn’t” be in any one else’s bedroom! 😉


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