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October 5, 2007 at 11:20 am 1 comment

I’ve been tagged by Paper Kitty.

I dropped my sewing machine off at the repair shop on Wednesday, and the repair man told me it would be out of commission for at least a week. I almost cried. I definitely stuck out my bottom lip and pouted. Is it weird to be so attached to an inanimate object? Anyway, I figured now would be a great time for me to do a tagging post (with a few random photos), since I don’t have any new crafts to write about.

The guidelines are:

Link the person who has tagged you.
Tell seven true things about yourself.
Tag seven new people.
Leave a message with the person you have tagged so they know about it.

And so, without further ado, here are seven completely fascinating things about Karyn.

1. I wish I could play the guitar, but I suck at it. I’ve taken group lessons and private lessons. I’ve practiced for hours and hours. I’ve even gotten calluses on the tips of my fingers from playing so much. I can read music, and I know how the chords are supposed to be played, but I just can’t make my fingers do what they’re supposed to do. 

Alex, on the other hand, has never taken a lesson and can’t read music, but he’s an amazing guitar player.

He feels the music. He knows what sounds good. It comes so naturally to him.

2. I’m so excited that Jim and Pam are dating on The Office (American version) that I can hardly stand it.

3. I love my job. I used to work for an advertising and PR agency, and sometimes I felt like I was selling a little piece of my soul to the devil. Now I’m doing marketing for a nonprofit library consortium. I feel like I’m making a little bit of a difference in this world, and that’s a really good feeling.

4. I love sushi. And eating with chopsticks.

5. My mother’s side of the family is from Greece, and my dream is to visit there someday.

6. I can’t wait to own my own home.

7. I bit my nails until I was 18 years old. For years before that, I tried to stop so many times. I would paint my nails with stuff that tasted bad. I would wear gloves. I would sit on my hands. I would put Band-Aids on my fingers. But nothing stopped me. Then one day, I said, “That’s it! I’m not going to bite my nails anymore!” And that was it. I was done. I still bite my left thumb nail, though.

I know I’m supposed to tag seven people, but…

If you feel like listing seven things about yourself, consider yourself officially tagged by me!


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NOOOOOO!!!! The blue ottoman

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  • 1. Kristen  |  October 22, 2007 at 10:01 am

    1. I am glad I made the move to Tampa.
    2. I wish I could walk to work (4 miles) everyday. Then I wake up and I think “what if…”
    3. I thought I was the kinda crafty one in the family…but, my sister now owns that title.
    4. Women are supposed to be soooo independant these days…sometimes it would be nice to be dependant on someone else for awhile.
    5. I could watch Wedding Crashers once a week for the rest of my life and still crack up.
    6. I love to shop for shoes.
    7. I am still trying to grow my hair so I can then get it cut for Locks of Love. I have failed a few times…but, now that I have a straightner that I love…I might make it.


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